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never odd or even

So while showering the other day (while medicated) I had a random thought process that went from A to B to C, somehow traversing the area of alpha-foxtrot-niner, swooping back down to hit D, and then ending up a Gm7.  I thought to myself (this was somewhere between D and Gm7) I need to chronicle this crazy shit because I’ve got a good feeling that most of it is either funny or insightful.  

I figure, I read more books than most people, and most of my friends think I’m funny, so why not type this stuff up and throw it on the internet?  At the very least I could have some anonymous asshole criticize me for bad grammar, lack of a proper writing style and poor proof-reading abilities.  At the very best I could become a world-famous blogger and get paid for ranting about the inane details of life that annoy me on a day-to-day basis. 

For all intents and purpose I plan on using this as my personal (public) diary.  Any comments, criticisms or complaints are welcome but please know this;  90% of the material on deadlinejitters is going to be stream of conscious thoughts, random rants about random topics, things i like, think i don’t like and none of it should be taken very seriously.  Also, everything that I type is a lie.  Except for that.  And that… and that…


This is music. Music is good


More Guitar


Rap?     Rap!


Old Rock

Did you know the internets has jokes?

Websites I check everyday.  Plenty of lulz to be had.

all site open in a new tab/window.  NEVER LEAVE MY BLOG!!! Seriously, you are the only one who is ever here…

Comixed – i like the Zuckerberg note pass, the Inception jokes, CSI: Miami… you really gotta read alot of them before you start to get it.

Stupid Tattoos – lots of idiots in the world…

Cyanide and Happiness – funniest webcomic i have ever seen. 

Demotivational Posters

The Onion – Fucking classic website.  If you don’t know about the Onion then you probably suck.